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Challenging the boundaries

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Why iki?

Because it is more than just interior design!    It is about...

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It's all about U!

Residential interior consultancy

iki understands interior design is more than just choosing furniture and fabrics; it is also a reflection of your lifestyle. We upgrade our cell phones every two years but may not review our lifestyle that often. If you are seeking a positive shift in lifestyle, get in touch with us. We will help you create the interior space that supports your ideal lifestyle in every way.

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Bring it further

Commercial fit-out and branding

Iki design shares your vision and takes it further. We take an innovative and ever-evolving approach to create spaces with originality that will inspire the public. Recognition and publicity are the core values we will be contributing to your business and branding.

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Let's make it happen!

Installation, spatial design, event, place-making

iki is passionate about making things happen: 'placemaking', 'spatial design' and 'events installations', anything temporary but creating long-lasting memories. It is a new design territory that crosses the boundaries of traditional design specialisms. We are aiming to promote people's health, happiness, and well being, as well as inspire and influence the wider community.

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