Architectural design

Space & flow, moments & memories.





Houses & apartments

iki design is not necessarily a 'high-end residential' design studio by definition. We focus on the living philosophy and carry it through to the details. iki appreciates timeless fashion and the architecture that generates long-lasting memories to the occupants. We listen to your stories and craft your future home with careful consideration.

  • If you are not sure, book the living-experience from iki events and chat to Kevin about lifestyles. That may help you find out what you want. 


Top View of Hands Making Pottery


Commercial & retail building,
exhibition and public spaces.

Iki design is a multidisciplinary design studio that allows us to think beyond the traditional architectural design territory. 

iki shares your vision and takes it further. We take an innovative and ever-evolving approach to create space with originality that will inspire the public. Recognition and publicity are the core values we will be contributing to your branding.


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